WATCH: Josh the Kid Interviewer Debunks Another Clueless Pro-Hamas Protester


UNITED KINGDOM (VINnews) — Josh, the adorable and brilliant 12 year old interviewer from Manchester, has done it again, politely and calmly embarrassing a pro-Hamas protester by quoting the facts.

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In this video, the protesters attempted to justify (while claiming she did not justify) the Hamas terror attack by claiming it was a response to the “occupation”. Josh pointed out that Israel gave back Gaza in 2005, and was not occupying the land.

That left the woman speechless and debunked her false claim, as she stammered away and said that she was not equipped to respond. Amazingly, the woman wore a shirt labeled “press”, and if she is indeed a journalist, she should be ashamed of herself for not knowing basic facts.

Josh, who is Jewish, has studied a great deal about Middle East politics, after witnessing a stark change among his Muslim and British neighbors, in the aftermath of the October 7 attack.

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