Watch This First Hand Account of Escaping to Shanghai by Rav Dovid Kviat zt”l!


    by Rabbi Yair Hoffman

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    They were the greatest generation of recent times.  The Alter Mirrers rebuilt our Torah Infrastructure after the Holocaust.

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    9 days ago

    He sang “A Nation a nation with the best ethics, there is no such a nation in the whole world”. I would have thought that after seeing the Germans, with their belief system that They are the best Nation in the world, we would never want to emulate their way of thinking.

    Oriole Bird
    Oriole Bird
    8 days ago

    Non-Yidden claim we have a certain arrogance & they aren’t totally wrong.
    “The Alter Mirrers rebuilt our Torah Infrastructure after the Holocaust.”
    I can’t speak for elsewhere but before the Holocaust ended Baltimore already had a Boy’s Yeshiva Day School, a Bais Yaakov, & a Yeshiva. So while they’re great tsadikim & Talmidei Chachamim I’m not sure I agree with “rebuilt the infrastructure” when it already existed.