READ: Dan’s Deals Slams Twitter for ‘Killing’ Intellectual Discussion Since Musk Takeover


(VINnews) — The popular Twitter account ‘Dans Deals’ has slammed Twitter, owned by Elon Musk, over changes implemented by Musk which Dan says have led to a less intelligent, dumbed down dialogue on the platform. It blames the new monetization policies which apparently encourage ads and memes in the comment section, as opposed to thought provoking dialogue.

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The account, which usually sticks to posting great bargains but occasionally forays into politics, tweeted: “Intellectual conversations on @X have died, ever since earnings were tethered to comment section engagement. Literally went from the most intellectually stimulating conversation comment section on social media to the worst overnight.”

He implored Musk to fix the problem, concluding, “Now, we are stuck with dumb memes, videos, and gifs that have nothing to do with the original post. Please fix this ASAP @elonmusk”

Dani Klein of “YeahThatsKosher” replied with an observation about an increase in antisemitism, tweeting: “Not to mention the insane uptick in antisemitic comments.”

Dans Deals replied: “Yes, but that’s true across all social media post 10/7.”

(It has been observed by some that because Musk is pro-freedom of speech and anti-censorship, he allows more hate speech on X, which collaterally includes more antisemitism in addition to other forms of hate. Some Jewish leaders believe that it’s still a better alternative for Jews than the previous policies of censorship.”

Dans Deals is owned by Dan Eleff who, according to the website, received Rabbinical ordination and an MBA before deciding to turn DansDeals from a hobby into a career.

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Democrats support mutilating confused children.
Democrats support mutilating confused children.
2 months ago

There may be more anti semitic comments overall, but they are viewed much less than before.

2 months ago

Hey, Dan, if you want intelligent stimulation, gey arain in beis medrash.

Why would anyone with a life seek intelligence on social media?