NY POST: Democrat Party Went Insane Without Joe Lieberman

FILE - Former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman gives a 'thumbs-up' as he leaves the West Wing of the White House in Washington (Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP)

(VINnews) — Following the death of Democrat-turned-Independent Senator Joe Lieberman a”h, a proud orthodox Jew and extremely popular senator, the New York Post published an editorial entitled “RIP, Joe Lieberman — the Democratic Party went insane without you.”

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The Post described Lieberman as “an honorable, reasonable man” who “was unafraid to break with party orthodoxy.”

Here are excerpts from the piece:

Joe Lieberman’s death is a stark reminder of the insanity that has consumed his party…

“…though he shared his party’s views on domestic issues like the environment…he split with them on foreign policy — backing the Iraq War and remaining a staunch friend of Israel throughout his political life.

“The split over Iraq effectively drove him out of the party: He lost a Senate primary to lefty Democrat Ned Lamont, now Connecticut’s governor, but then won in the general as in independent with bigtime bipartisan backing.

“Lamont was an early example of a candidate backed by the party’s left fringe…In the years since, that fringe has become the dominant power in national Democratic politics…”

“Open antisemites like Reps. Ilhan Omar, Jamaal Bowman and Rashida Tlaib spray vitriol in public as their Squadmates cheer them on.

“‘Defenders of democracy’ like Nancy Pelosi and Dan Goldman rip apart norms in their pursuit of political power…The Democratic Party has become synonymous with racial grievance-mongers like Black Lives Matter…With the climate fanaticism that demands zero emissions no matter the death toll.

With gender extremism that wants to see little kids shot up with hormones, and tweens subjected to life-changing surgery to “cure” gender confusion…With borders open to endless floods of illegal immigrants.

The piece concludes: “So you’ll be badly missed, Joe — by everyone who remembers a saner politics.”

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I was a democrat until I saw the light
I was a democrat until I saw the light
3 months ago

Sorry they are wrong. The Democratic Party turned their backs on senator Lieberman and when he tried come back after being dropped by party as an independent and lost. Revisionist history

3 months ago

Reminds of what happened to the GOP when John McCain died.

Political power is now in the hands of litmus testing extremists of the fringes of the major parties.

Civility is dead. Bipartisanship and compromise in the service of the common good now spell the death of careers in public service.

3 months ago