Rabbi Dov Landa Calls On Diaspora Jewry To Help Fund Kollelim And Yeshivos


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In the wake of the new directive of the Israeli attorney-general which prevents the government from funding yeshiva students eliglible for the draft, and the expected cuts to yeshiva budgets, a leading charedi rabbi has proposed a solution to the issue via the philanthropy of donors from abroad.

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“We are all thankful to the generous-hearted from abroad, those who are here and those who are not here, who disperse from their wealth with generosity, for the benefit of maintaining the kollels  – which are the mainstay of the existence of Judaism in our generation,” Rabbi Dov Landau said Sunday evening.

“And aside from the enormous reward given to those who support the Tree of Life, by means of increasing the numbers of students in the kollels – they help themselves and the members of their households to live a life of Torah, with an atmosphere of Torah, in a community of G-d-fearing people who learn Torah, and who observe it in its character and in its purity.

“And especially now, when those who hate us have reared their heads, our call goes forth from here to our generous brothers who are G-d-fearing in the United States, who love the Torah and who appreciate those who learn it – now is your hour of greatness: Take upon yourselves this lofty and holy task to maintain Torah in the Land of Israel, and lend a supportive shoulder and great and strong support, with your strength and with your wealth, because this is the existence of Judaism.”

Rabbi Landa emphasized, “Together with this, we must take care that the donations are given only through the yeshiva and kollel deans, and the principals of institutions, as was always customary, and not through any other way or means. No other way exists, and thus they will maintain the Tree of Life, the tree of Torah learning by the dedicated who occupy themselves with its study.

“May we all merit an abundance of good and kindness, and may we be saved by the salvation of eternity, speedily in our days.”

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Daas Torah
Daas Torah
18 days ago

Sorry. All my tzedaka dollars go to IDF soldier support organizations.