SHOCKING: Protester Attacks Charedim With Stick In Meah Shearim

Picture: Yonatan Zindel/Flash 90

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The “Brothers In Arms” organization held a contentious demonstration on Sunday in Kikar Shabbat near Meah Shearim, demanding that charedim enlist in the IDF. The protesters came carrying drums and loudspeakers and berated the charedim passing by. Police arrested several charedim who staged a counterdemonstration at the scene.

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Some of the “Brothers In Arms” members  even used violence against the locals, including one who started hitting people with a stick but then ran away after a mob started chasing him.

Violence from “Brothers in Arms

The provocative actions of the Brothers in Arms were condemned by a wide range of Israelis, including those who favor a charedi draft but who saw this demonstration as counterproductive for the goal of reaching an agreement over the issue.


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Robert Goldman
Robert Goldman
17 days ago

Brother’s in arms is an organization of Assklowns . Basically antifa .
Not one of their members a brother to anyone.

All they want is to divide the country again and destroy it from within like a Cancer

17 days ago

Can you say, seanas chenom! Come on Man don’t we have enough out side haters that we now fight amongst ourselves.