Fourteen Year Old Boy Missing In Israel, Fear of Kidnapping


ISRAEL (VINnews) A 14 year old boy is missing, and there is a fear that he was kidnapped. A massive search is underway in the Binyamin area, with teams looking for Binyamin Ahimeir, a 14-year-old Jewish shepherd who has been missing since Friday morning.

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According to the report, the shepherd left at 6 am, but later his flock returned to the village of Malachei HaShalom without him.

Due to fear that the missing teen’s life is in danger, a religious heter has been issued by senior Rabbanim for Jewish searchers to continue through Shabbos.

The IDF, Border Police, trackers, Unit 636, dog handlers, and special forces, with the assistance of aerial reconnaissance, are participating in the search.

There is no word on whether this incident is terror-related. According to unconfirmed reports, a spokesman for the family says they were warned that multiple terrorist cells were targeting their area in recent weeks.

There are reports that amid the manhunt, Palestinians report that dozens of Israeli residents invaded the Palestinian village of Al-Mughayyir and are clashing with residents.

Binyamin’s mother put out a video statement on Friday afternoon, requesting that people be Mekabel a Mitzvah upon themselves in the Zechus of finding her son alive and in good condition.

The name for Tehillim is Binyamin ben Miriam.

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