WATCH: Chabad’s 770 is an Answer on Jeopardy! Game Show

A view of the Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters in Brooklyn, Dec. 9, 2014. (Don Emmert/AFP via Getty Images)

(VINnews) — On Monday’s special Jeopardy tournament, the ‘answer’ described 770 Eastern Parkway, and its many global replicas.

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However contestant Mattea Roach mispronounced the word ‘Chabad’ and was corrected by host Ken Jennings .

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Moshiach now
Moshiach now
1 month ago

What a giant Kiddush Lubavitch. What nachas for the Rebbeh MH”M.

Elchonon a Lubavitcher
Elchonon a Lubavitcher
1 month ago

I’m a Lubavitcher and your mham after the rebbe ztl name is a chilul Hashem
Jeapordy made a kidush Hashem and the
So called moshiachisim show total disrespect for selfish reasons because you can’t accept reality .
If you were Hakodosh Boruch Hu
You can proclaim who is the Melech Hamoshiach. You’re a bosur vedom.
When MOSHIACH comes rapidly on our days we will know who it is.Till then we don’t know and the Rebbe zya didn’t know . He longed for MOSHIACH and tried his best . That’s it . The Rebbeczya
Never ever proclaimed I am moshiach
You might infer he alluded to it. That’s not how the Rebbe ztl operated. All of his mivtzoim were crystal clear. What he wanted he articulated precisely.
You can not bring up unfortunately after the stroke Rachmona litzlon
Medicaly speaking we do not understand.
So cry out for MOSHIACH we are living through tumultuous times and we need him now . Leave it up to Hashem
Please Hashem speedily now .