WATCH: ‘Son of Hamas’ Crushes Journalist Who (Allegedly) Spewed Hamas Propaganda

Mosab Hassan Yousef … saved countless lives.

(VINnews) — The ‘Son of Hamas’ slammed a pro-Hamas so-called “journalist” during a heated discussion on Piers Morgan’s show.

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Former terrorist-turned-Israeli spy Mosab Hassan Yousef called out journalist Abby Martin, calling her a ‘parrot’, slamming her defense of Palestinians and mocking her experiences with them as superficial.

“She’s been there only for a visit and maybe she had some falafel sandwich,” said Yousef. “She really was blown away of the Palestinian experience.”

Martin accused Yousef of believing “all Muslims are terrorists.” Yousef replied, “This is Abby’s desperate attempt to discredit me…I am a man of the field. I fought against Hamas as part of intelligence, legitimate intelligence organization against savage group that were targeting civilians in suicide bombing attacks.”

Yousef continued, “Abby today wants me for some reason to apologize for saving human life because my truth challenges her convenient truth…She’s just a self-appointed, low-grade journalist! How can you be a journalist and you call this a genocide?…None of it is real, including Palestine. It’s only in your head! None of it is existential. Palestine was never born! How can you free it?”

Yousef said Martin “had some falafel sandwich…and she really was blown away of the Palestinian experience…You’re not a journalist. You don’t qualify even to be a mother!”

Martin responded, “Usually, a public figure, if they were caught lying about half the things that they said, they would be completely discredited and never allowed air time…You are spewing such ahistorical, anti-Arab bigotry that not even the fringe of Israeli society would agree with.”

Yousef said, “I am not anti-Arab, I’m anti-Islam!”

Yousef also described Martin as “a self-appointed, low-grade journalist” who was falling for the terror group’s alleged ploy to garner sympathy for Palestine, which he says doesn’t exist.

Martin once promoted the conspiracy theory that the 9/11 terrorist attack was an inside job.


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12 days ago

The most savage attack of the entire war.

11 days ago

I am definitely a fan, Mosab.
That you have the guts to tell the truth says so much about you.
While you were growing up, I was raising my family on the other side. I remember so many of those things.
Keep strong and stay safe.

I read his book and couldn’t put it down. A must read.