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44 Dead, 103 Injured In Horrific Tragedy At Meron: Where Were The Police?

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In what is by far the worst civilian tragedy in Israel's history, 44 people died and 150 were injured, 18 of them in serious condition after a mass of people ...

Update: Crowd Crush At Israeli Lag BaOmer Festival Kills Nearly 40

JERUSALEM (AP) — A crowd crush broke out early Friday at a Jewish religious festival attended by tens of thousands of people in northern Israel, killing nearly 40 people and leavin...

Mrs. Sharon Miller ע”ה

Family getting up: Tuesday (5/04/21)AMRabbi Dovid MillerSon

Mrs. Dorothy Perlman ע”ה Dina Bas Yocheved

Family getting up: Mrs. Barbara FrogelDaughter

Prewar Prayer Said At Rema’s Tomb On Lag Baomer Discovered In Old Book

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Old books can contain untold treasures not just in their content but in what hides between the pages. Recently a yellowing page was found in an old Gemara whi...

Mrs. Rita Pollinsky ז”ל

Family getting up: Mrs. Rochelle MarcusDaughter Mrs. Rochelle MarcusDaughter

Harav Yakov Yitzchok Gruber ז”ל הרב יעקב יצחק גרובער

Family getting up: Shacharis: 8:30 amMincha: 6:15 pmMaariv: 9:00 pmMrs. Miriam GruberWifeMrs. Etty FreundDaughterMrs. Toby polatcheckDaughter

100,000s of People On Their Way To Meron

All over Eretz Yisrael 100,000 of Jews are loading onto buses to start traveling to Meron for Lag B’omer.  Yeshuos Rashbi is preparing for these large crowds.Every year,...

R’ Kalman Mordechai Kahan ז”ל ר’ קלמן מרדכי קהנא

Family getting up: Mrs. Chaya KahanWifeR' Yehosua KahanBrother718-438-1503Mrs. Ethel BergmanSister416-630-3540Mrs. Cipora LipsonSisterMrs. Rochel WertzbergerSister718-232-9273R` Ah...

R` Yechiel (Harry) Weinfeld ז”ל

Family getting up: Tuesday (5/04/21)MorningMrs. Gulli WeinfeldWifeR' Yossi WeinfeldBrotherR' Mendy WeinfeldSonStarting Friday at main addressR` Shia WeinfeldSonStarting Friday at m...

US Vows Again To Ban Menthol Flavor In Cigarettes, Cigars

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. health regulators pledged again Thursday to try to ban menthol cigarettes, this time under pressure from African American groups to remove the mint flavor po...

Police Stop Planned Neo-nazi Attack On Argentine Synagogue On Shabbat

BUENOS AIRES (JTA) - Police have arrested two people who authorities believe were planning a Friday-night attack on an Argentine synagogue. The country’s federal judiciary was inv...

LAG BA’OMER TRAGEDY: Multiple Fatalities And Dozens Injured After Stampede In Meron

 MERON (VINnews) — In a horrific turn of events, many people are reported injured in Meron after a stampede occurred near the Toldos Aharon bonfir. There are multiple fataliti...

Gone Fission: Controversial Nuke Plant Near NYC Shuts Down

BUCHANAN, N.Y. (AP) — Indian Point will permanently stop producing nuclear power Friday, capping a decades-long battle over a key source of electricity in the heart of New York Cit...

R` Sonny Katz ז”ל יששכר בן חיים

Family getting up: Shacharis: 8:00 amMincha: 7:30 amMaariv: Following MinchaR' Moshe KatzBrotherNo Visitors, phone calls only from 11-2 and 4-9: 516-239-1271 R' Yisroel KatzBrother...

‘Sgotus’: Doug Emhoff Settles In As Second Gentleman Of The U.S.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Doug Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, has probably toured more COVID-19 vaccination centers than he ever imagined. If he ever imagined that a...

Mr. Ronnie Penn ז”ל Reuven Peretz Ben Avraham

Family getting up: Mr. Baruch PennBrother1451 East 14th Street between N & O

AP Fact Check: Biden Skews Record On Migrants

WASHINGTON (AP) — Taking a swipe at his predecessor, President Joe Biden gave a distorted account of the historical forces driving migrants to the U.S. border, glossing over the mu...

Biden: White Supremacists Are The ‘Most Lethal Terrorist Threat’

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Setting his administration’s tone in his first speech to Congress, President Joe Biden said white supremacists posed the “most lethal” terrorist threat to the Un...

Report: Thomas Nides Likely To Be Us Ambassador To Israel

WASHINGTON (JNS) - Former U.S. State Department official Thomas R. Nides is likely going to be nominated by the Biden administration to be the next U.S. ambassador to Israel, The W...