LAG BA’OMER TRAGEDY: Multiple Fatalities And Dozens Injured After Stampede In Meron


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MERON (VINnews) — In a horrific turn of events, many people are reported injured in Meron after a stampede occurred near the Toldos Aharon bonfir. There are multiple fatalities, with even more injured.

At the time of this writing there appears to be at least 38 fatalities, and more than 65 people injured, 20 of them critically.

An IDF team has been brought in to asssit with freeing people still trapped.

Inital reports said that the disaster was caused by some sort of collpase, but Magen David Adom seem to indicate that it was ralated to overcrowding.

Later, an IDF team at the scene reported that a roof had collapsed.

A police official later clarified that dozens of people had “slipped” and fell others below them in the stands, which caused a crushing domino effect.

The Lag Baomer celebrations were immediately brough to a halt. Bonfires were out, and officials started working on leading people out.

In place of the lively music, Tehilim recitals were heard.

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Moderate Munch
Moderate Munch
3 years ago

We should all say tehilim.