Brooklyn – Sentences In Synagogue Fight Of 2004


    Brooklyn – Four men received sentences of community service yesterday in connection with a fight in an Orthodox Synagogue in 2004.
    The fight stemmed from a power struggle between two brothers, Aaron and Zalmen Teitelbaum, seeking to succeed their father, Grand Rabbi Moses Teitelbaum, as leader of the Satmar Chasidic sect. Without admitting guilt, the four entered guilty pleas, based on the strength of the evidence, to charges of third-degree assault, a misdemeanor.

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    18 years ago

    Terrible Terrible chillul Hashem. I’m still in awe and amazement that nothing has happened yet to the people responsible for this chillul Hashem. Oy Hashem, when will you show them how wrong they are for doing this??

    ליפא שנילצער
    ליפא שנילצער
    18 years ago

    its always good to get a story from multiple source to get a clearer picture here is what the NY POST has to say

    But the four walked out of court sentenced only to 50 hours of community service after a prosecutor conceded his case was shaky because one of the brawl victims was a convicted felon who had escaped from federal prison.

    Last year, two supporters of insurgent older brother Aaron Teitelbaum sneaked into the synagogue before Simchat Torah holiday services and planted themselves in Chief Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum’s chair. They then locked Zalman in a small apartment connected to the synagogue. About 50 of Zalman’s followers broke down a door to free the rabbi and attacked the two Aaron supporters and their three bodyguards
    i guess that door has a history of coming down on shmini atzeres, its just by whom and why