Jerusalem – Israel To Remove Disputed Footbridge In Jerusalem


    A view of the new wooden ramp (R) leading up to the Mughrabi Gate the  entrance to the Al-Aqsa mosque compound  in the  Temple Mount area in Jerusalem Old City 04 September 2014. Media reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered on 03 September 2014 the dismantling of the new wooden bridge after being pressured by the Jordanian Royal Family who expressed outrage that the bridge was built without prior consultation with them.  EPA/ABIR SULTANJerusalem – Israel has agreed to dismantle a wooden footbridge at a Jerusalem holy site that is at the heart of a key Mideast dispute, a senior Israeli official said Thursday.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the footbridge between the Western Wall and the religiously sensitive Temple Mount taken down, the official told The Associated Press.

    The order followed a request by Jordan, which has custodial rights to Muslim holy places in Jerusalem, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

    However, the footbridge was still standing by early Thursday afternoon and it was not immediately clear when work would start to dismantle it.

    The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism. Known to Muslims as the “Noble Sanctuary” it is Islam’s third-holiest site. Previous attempts to change its status or assert Jewish claims to it have frequently resulted in violence, including in 2000, when a visit there by then Israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon provoked widespread Palestinian rioting and helped spark the second Palestinian uprising.

    Sharon became Israeli prime minister in 2001. He died in early 2014.

    The Israeli official said that Jordan expressed its concern to Netanyahu when construction on the bridge went ahead two weeks ago and “he agreed to its request” that it be dismantled, adding that no official approval had been given for the project.

    Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994, the second Arab country to do so, after Egypt.

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    Reb Yid
    Reb Yid(@reb-yid)
    9 years ago

    Really? That’s a key mideast dispute? Of all the badness going on in the region, a ramp to a hill is a key issue? Was this reporter born yesterday?

    9 years ago

    To Reb Yid: very well said. Kol Hakavod!!!

    9 years ago

    but what kind of entrance would please jordan?

    9 years ago

    Is this a new addition? The footbridge on the left of the photo has been there forever. What could be their problem? Don’t get it.

    9 years ago

    Unreal. Bibi is afraid of his own shadow these days and couldn’t care less about his own country or the security of its citizens he was elected to protect. All he worries about is not setting off Obama, the anti-Semitic UN, Jordan , the pali’s, etc. disgusting.