Indictment Issued Against Rabbi Berland For Fraudulent Receipt And Extortion

Rabbi Eliezer Berland arrives for a court hearing at the Magistrate Court in Jerusalem, on February 9, 2020. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The Jerusalem District Attorney issued an indictment in the district court against Rabbi Eliezer Berland (82), the leader of the Shuvu Banim community. The prosecution requested that he be remanded in custody until the end of the legal process, and judge David Gidoni extended his custody until an alternative decision is reached.

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The prosecution claims to have 23 complaints and hundreds of testimonies regarding fraudulent receipt and attempted fraudulent receipt of funds as well as extortion and attempted extortion. The prosecution also claimed that “if (Rabbi Berland) will be released there is a fair chance that he will attempt to subvert legal proceedings and escape justice, just as in the past he left the country after a criminal investigation was initiated against him.”

The prosecution claims that as the spiritual leader of a community, the accused either personally or through his associates utilized his status as a popular and esteemed rabbi within his community and beyond and acted systematically to extort sums of money from people who were in trouble and who turned to him for help.

Attorneys Erez Padan, Einat Baruchi-Yariv and Tzur Hote from the office of the Jerusalem District Attorney claimed that “the accused made fictitious claims towards those who requested assistance that he had special powers of healing and could heal them in return for paying thousands of shekels to him. The accused knew that he had no such powers and that there was no truth in the claim that the required result would ensue. The accused and his associates promised directly and presented a fictitious picture of the accused’s abilities, using the term “Pidyon Nefesh” and exploiting the status of the accused as a spiritual and religious leader for his followers.”

“The fictitious claims were made even in extreme situations such as reviving a dead person, recovering from terminal illnesses or from established disabilities. The claims were made over many years in a systematic and premeditated attempt to fraudulently obtain money.”

The prosecution also charged Rabbi Berland with having called for members of his community to attack other members for behaving in contravention of the Torah. “The accused called on his followers to hit them and break their limbs,” the prosecution claimed.


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4 years ago

I thought there was some sort of kol korei signed by many Rabbonim in Eretz Yisroel, not to speak bad about Rabbi Breland?

4 years ago

But the creepy Jew hating Israeli court and government with their bareheaded pork eaters are ok with gay parades in all major Israeli cities. These pork eaters are ok with freeing hundreds of Arab murderers who sliced up Jews. This pork eating government is ok with dragging into court frum car services for not hiring Arabs but allows Arabs to discriminate against Jews by not allowing Jews to buy houses from Arabs. Arabs who do sell to Jews are killed by the PA courts and Israel does nothing. A bunch of cowards. They only care to emulate the European goyim. Tattoo shops,pork stores and chillul Shabbos all over Jerusalem as well. They want chareidim in the army so they can corrupt them in an army that’s more of an indoctrination center. Even 40 per cent of the secular kids refuse the army. They know it’s full of transvaatites and toeivakiks. Plus the fat politicians don’t care much about the soldiers. They only care to be in power to fill their pockets.