Report: Prior To Large Wedding, Vizhnitz Bleachers Do Not Meet Safety Standards


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In the aftermath of the Karlin tragedy on Shavuos in which 2 chasidim were killed and hundreds injured when a bleacher collapsed, many chasidic groups have taken a hard look at the bleachers they use. Not all of the bleachers currently in use could be considered to maintain safety standards. A channel 12 report revealed that the Vizhnitz chasidic group, which is set to organize a wedding next week, has used the same makeshift wooden additions and fixes to maintain their bleachers.

The report, entitled “accident waiting to happen”, demonstrates that the bleachers look to be buttressed by wooden additions and makeshift screws. The municipal engineer of Bnei Brak stated that he is not authorizing the use of the Beis Midrash, which has yet to receive its occupancy permit. The report recommends that the chasidus find another venue for the wedding and not use the unsafe bleachers.

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