Anti-Vaxxer Solicitor Dies Of COVID-19 9 Days After Posting That It Is “Nothing To Be Afraid Of”


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A British anti-vax solicitor with no underlying health conditions died of coronavirus just days after insisting it is “nothing to be afraid of” and hoping that he had contracted the virus in order to gain natural antibodies to COVID-19.

Leslie Lawrenson, 58, a solicitor from Bournemouth in Southern England, died at his home on 2 July. Lawrenson was a vociferous opponent of the vaccines who spoke out on social media against “taking the jab.”

His partner Amanda Mitchell, 56, became seriously ill while Mr Lawrenson was infected and spent a week in hospital. She said afterwards that his belief that Covid-19 vaccines were too “experimental” put his family at risk.

Mitchell added that Lawrenson had made a “terrible mistake” and warned others to vaccinate immediately, writing on her Facebook page that “I’m trying to stop any other family suffering a loss and the total devastation that we are going through.”

Speaking to the Stephen Nolan programme on BBC Radio 5 live, she said: “I feel incredibly foolish. Les died unnecessarily.” Mitchell said that her partner, a graduate of Cambridge University, had read materials on social media warning of the dangers of vaccination.

She added that “It was a daily thing that he said to us: ‘You don’t need to have it [the vaccine], you’ll be fine, just be careful.’

“He said to me: ‘It’s a gene thing, an experimental thing. You’re putting something in your body that hasn’t been thoroughly tested’.

“Les was highly educated… so if he told me something, I tended to believe it.”

Mitchell who suffers from diabetes and hypertension, was hospitalized with the virus at the same time that her husband, who appeared to be recovering, was found dead in bed just 9 days after posting that he saw coronavirus as “no worse than a cold.”

In a video blog posted to Facebook on June 24 while suffering from Covid-19, Mr Lawrenson said every part of his body was “wracked with pain”.

Despite feeling ill, he stood firm in his opposition to the vaccine, adding: “The potential dangers from taking the experimental jab for me are not worth that risk. I’d rather take my chances with my immune system.”

Daughter Carla Hodges, 35, from Hertfordshire said: “[Leslie] was so brainwashed by the stuff that he was seeing on YouTube and social media.

“He said: ‘A lot of people will die more from having the vaccine than getting Covid.’”

Ms Mitchell said she would be having the vaccine as soon as doctors declared her fit enough.

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