WATCH: Jewish Man Savagely Attacked In Parking Spot Dispute


BORO PARK (VINnews) — A Jewish man was savagely slapped and knocked down on Wednesday in what is being described by law enforcement as a parking lot dispute.

[ARRESTED: The Man Who Savagely Attacked Jewish Plumber Taken Into Custody]

The incident occured at approximately 12 PM on Wednesday on 39th Street and 12th Ave in Boro Park.

The victim seen in the video is a 54-year-old Jewish plumber by the name of Isaac Lofler.

Video footage shows Lofler’s van parked on the side of 39th Street. He appears to be packing up his van. While doing so, a shirtless man with a ponytail and beard is seen verbally assaulting him and telling him to leave.

Lofler goes back to the street to retrieve one more item, as the man keeps yelling at him about disrespecting somebody. Lofler tells him that he had told this person he was going to move. The man angrily yells back, “No, you told her no!”

It is at that moment that the man slaps him across the face, with enough force to knock him off his feet.

Police were called, but by the time they arrived, the attacker had fled the scene.

Sources tell VINnews that the victim suffered a swollen eye as a result of the blow.

Boro Park Shomrim are coordinating with the NYPD, and an arrest is expected.

Law enforcement sources tell VINnews that the incident is not being treated as a hate crime, as the matter was involving a parking spot.

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