Uriel Goldman, A Lev Tahor Leader, Responds To Accusations: ‘Murderers Of Souls Persecute Us’


NEW YORK (VINnews) — After horrific testimonies recently emerged from survivors of the Lev Tahor cult, a leading member of the cult, Uriel Goldman, responded to the claims in a detailed letter.

Goldman wrote that “the terrible incitement against the Lev Tahor community has gone up a phase, after the slandering brothers Yoel and Mendy Levy exploited the opportunity for publicity using chareidi journalists who are happy to help criminals spill innocent blood.”

“Among the new libels, they published a letter including a forged signature of one of the leaders of our community with details of how mothers should G-d forbid kill their children and themselves. For 2000 years Jews were murdered in the diaspora due to false libels of Jews slaughtering Christian children for their matzos.

“The libelers knew well that their claims were far from reality and all their neighbors were far from it, but the wild incitement by the priests and the testimony of apostates that they saw such things caused such libels to be believed and even when the Christian boy reappeared, the libels continued to surface.”

Goldman continued his claim, adding that “in this case, murderers of souls have come to persecute us and our wives and children. Some of them serve the idol of Zionism and some are non-believers who have left religion and like other people who have left the path they are happy to publish anything against their parents which will make them hated by others, as described in the Talmud about the generation before Mashiach.”

Goldman traces the libel to when the community left Quebec “due to education decrees” by the government. At the time, one of the dissidents who left the community, Adam Brodzevsky, said that they were capable of “mass suicide” even though when questioned by a judge, he admitted that he had never heard such a concept in the community. He merely said that since they live like Jews in previous generations and in such generations there was a concept of suicide rather than living a non- religious life, “I am concerned that they might encourage mass suicide.”

Goldman adds that “despite the empty accusation, the libel was accepted with glee by the French anti-Semites in Quebec and by the Zionist press.”

Goldman describes other people who left the community and continued to spread the libel and lambasts the “slandering, faithless brothers Yoeli and Mendi” who “slander their mother and siblings. All who see them can recognize that they have left religion and chosen a faithless path and anyone who investigates their words can see how far they are from reality.” Goldman also attacked the media which publicized the testimony of the brothers. “They are cruel murderers who cause a terrible catastrophe to men, women and children with their actions.”

Goldman called to “stop the murder and bloodshed before it is too late, since in the end our blood and that of our children will be on your conscience.”

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