Dr. Eli Shapiro: How to use devices and social media in a healthy way (VIDEO)


(VIN Podcast) — Technology. Our best friend? Or worst nightmare?

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These days, one of the biggest challenges for frum families involves smartphones, tablets, video games, and other devices, which can be rampant and immersive.

We may also be heavily dependent (addicted?) on social networking like Twitter, Whatsapp, and Facebook. We feel like we cannot live without them, yet they can lead to problems.

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Eli Shapiro, renowned technology and education expert, and founder of the Digital Citizenship Project, joined the VIN Podcast to discuss the struggles and dangers of technology in the frum community.

His clarity and perspective are extremely refreshing and positive, while he raises awareness about the dangers and pitfalls of technology in a balanced way, as well as guidance on how to do it in a healthy way.



In this amazing interview, Dr. Shapiro addresses the following:

How do we explain to children and teens why it makes sense for parents to have a smartphone but not kids?

How dangerous is Whatsapp?

Would we be better off without any technology, living on a farm in Montana?

Why does it feel like there’s a lack of guidance on how to properly use technology and smartphones?

Why does Dr. Shapiro not own a smartwatch?

What is the biggest challenge for adolescents in social media?

What is the biggest struggle that he sees involving technology in the frum community?

Why is technology leading to a loneliness epidemic?

Does Whatsapp pose similar threats as other social media such as Twitter and Tiktok?

How do you ensure that technology is an “enhancement” to life and not an “intrusion”?

Why we should not be so hard on ourselves, in our inability to self-regulate use of technology

Why is internet and smartphone technology not the same as the printing press or the radio or other technological advancements?

Dr. Eli Shapiro is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Doctorate in Education giving him an expertise in both mental health and educational issues facing communities today. He is a noted writer, thinker and sought after speaker on social and communal issues. Dr. Shapiro is the creator of The Digital Citizenship Project and facilitates the parent presentations.

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