Chabad Rabbi Talks about Congregants Kidnapped by Hamas


    (VINnews) At least 1350 people have been killed in the Hamas Oct 7th terror attacks according to President Joe Biden, and many others are being held by the terror group.

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    An Evanston mother and daughter are believed to be among the hostages.

    Yehudit bas Tamar Raanan, a resident of Evanston, Illinois, and her daughter, Natali bas Yehudit, have found themselves in a precarious situation as presumed hostages in Gaza. 

    The situation is both distressing and bewildering, underscoring the need for unity and empathy in these troubled times. 

    Rabbi Hecht’s plea for prayer is a testament to the power of faith and unity in the face of adversity. He implored the global Jewish community to come together in prayer during this challenging time. The Rabbi’s alsop requested  Jewish men to put on Tefillin and Jewish women to light Shabbos candles.

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    9 months ago

    Very well spoken Rabbi Hecht. Big Kiddush Hashem you made.