Escaped, Recaptured, Released: The Amazing Story Of Hamas Hostage Roni Kriboi


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — One of the amazing stories which came to light with the release of the hostages is that of Roni Kriboi, a 25-year-old Israeli from Karmiel who holds Russian citizenship and was released in the third round of the prisoner exchange on Sunday. Kriboi was an extra hostage beyond the quota who was released by special request of Russian leader Vladimir Putin to Qatar negotiators.

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Roni’s aunt Yelena said that the building in which he was being held in Gaza was bombed and collapsed and he succeeded in escaping. For four days he tried to get to the Gaza border with Israel but was eventually recaptured and transferred to the terrorists.

“It’s like a movie,” Yelena said “For a few days he hid alone and then the local Gazans caught him and transferred him to the terrorists.”

She added that he had tried to reach the border but got lost in the region. “He didn’t have the means to understand where he was and where to escape.”

Yelena said that the had asked him how he feels and if he is having nightmares from Oct. 7th. He answered that “I have nightmares but everything’s OK.”


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2 months ago

Another proof of the “innocent civilians!!”

2 months ago

So much for “civilians”