German Magazine BILD Compares Homecoming Of Hostages And Terrorists


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — German magazine BILD, which with some 30 million readers has the highest circulation in Europe, continues to stand behind Israel in its war with Hamas.

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In a double-sided picture on its cover, the paper compared the welcome of Israeli civilians returning from captivity with that of Palestinian terrorists being released from jail in the prisoner exchange, with the caption: “The two photos say everything about the war.”

The editorial says that “It is impossible not to notice the difference, it couldn’t be clearer. On the one side parents peacefully hugging their children after they were released from captivity, and on the other side a Palestinian prisoner who is received with calls of respect during a terrorist demonstration.”

The magazine has continued an unapologetic pro-Israel stance, which is part of its mission statement and is a condition of employment for its 5000 members of staff: “I believe in the right of the state of Israel to exist and in the right of the Jewish nation to protection.”

Since Oct. 7th, the BILD magazine has silhouetted on its main building pictures of the Israeli captives as well as sporting an Israeli flag. The magazine continues to promote pro-Israel interviews and tweets, even as other European media outlets express reservations about Israel’s war with Hamas.

France’s Le Figaro magazine chose to publish on its cover a picture of a mother, Chen Avigdori, hugging her son after she was released from Hamas captivity:




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2 months ago

wow that takes a lot of courage