Saudi Website: Israel Fears Sinwar Has Escaped To Egypt With Hostages Via Rafah Tunnels


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The Saudi news website Elaph claims that Israel has information that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, his brother Mohammed and other senior members of the Hamas leadership have managed to escape through the tunnels between Rafah in Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula.

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According to the report, based on an unnamed Israeli “security official,” Israel fears that, together with Sinwar, Israeli hostages were also smuggled out of the Gaza strip to be used as human shields. The report has no verification from another source.

The Elaph website, which is identified as Saudi and reports from London, has in the past published opinion columns by senior Israeli officials and interviews with them, as well as articles based on information provided by “Israeli sources.”

Israeli officials denied the Elaph report, stating that “We do not know of the information that was published.” The denial was issued to Israel’s Channel 12 Tuesday morning in the wake of the Elaph report.

Last week, the IDF released footage of what it said was Yahya Sinwar walking through a Gaza tunnel with several of his family members on October 10.

“The hunt for Sinwar will not stop until we catch him, dead or alive,” IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said in a press conference upon releasing the footage.

Security forces have yet to locate Sinwar, or Hamas’s military commander Mohammad Def and his deputy Marwan Issa.

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