SCATHING REBUKE: Dov Hikind responds to Joe Rogan’s Claims of Israeli Genocide (VIDEO)


(VINnews) — In this powerful and chilling clip, iconic Jewish activist Dov Hikind responds to podcast host Joe Rogan, who disgracefully accused Israel of committing genocide and carrying out a Holocaust.

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Hikind acknowledged that Rogan might have sincere intentions, however his words are inexcusable and indefensible, and because he is so influential, they could be extremely dangerous.

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18 days ago

Thank you Dov Hikind for speaking up but Joe Rogan is not a good guy nor does he mean well for the Jews only for the terrorists. He has made antisemitic remarks in the past. He’s as “non-antisemitic” as Candace Owens whom he defended against Ben Shapiro whom he bashed for daring to fire that antisemitic loudmouth.

Conservative Carl
Conservative Carl
19 days ago

Nowadays dressing up as ethnic minorities is considered offensive. That doesn’t mean that we can retroactively expect people to have, in the past, when it was considered culturally acceptable (whether you agree with it or not) to have been aware that it would be considered problematic.