WATCH: Comedian Michael Rapaport ‘More Connected with Judaism Than Ever’


ISRAEL (VINnews) — Michael Rapaport, famed Jewish actor and comedian, discussed his newly discovered “mission” to be an outspoken defender of the Jewish people since October 7, as well as his immense frustration at the suffering that continues to take place.

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Speaking with Arutz Sheva in Israel, Rapaport also discussed how angry, frustrated, and disappointed he has been with his colleagues in Hollywood. He expressed anger about the fact that so many innocent hostages remain captive, while their families are in unspeakable torment.

Below are some quotes from the interview.

On Judaism:

”I’ve felt more connected to my Judaism than ever before. I certainly feel more connected to Israel than ever before, in any way, and I’m unfortunately more aware of anti-Jewishness than I ever thought I would see during my life.”

On his personal “anger” at the current crisis:

“I’m mostly angry about what happened. I’m mostly angry about what’s still going on. It’s still happening. The show business part of it is not as important, it’s hurtful and it’s disappointing, but it’s nowhere near as important as what is going on with the hostages, the hostages’ families, the survivors, the survivors’ families, the IDF, the IDF families, and the trauma that so many people have experienced and haven’t been able to even start mourning, because we’re still in this 178 days later.”

His newly discovered broader ‘mission’:

“I was first part of a mission when I spoke at the rally in Washington DC. I wasn’t speaking for myself. I felt that I was getting out there to people. Whatever I’m saying, in whatever shape or form, for a tiny bit of time makes people feel good or proud, or laugh or heard or supported.”

Biden administration’s response to the war on Gaza:

“I haven’t figured out if what the US government is publicly doing is theatrics or is genuine. I’m not sure about that, because, at the end of the day, actions do speak louder than words, although the words are hurtful, so I haven’t figured out how much is ‘show for votes’ and how much is abandoning Israel. That’s important. Although you’d want both, we are dealing with politicians in an election year and we are dealing with the biggest politicians in the world from both Israel and the US, especially during an election year in the US.”


“I am extremely disappointed that in New York City, where I’m from, where I was born and raised, it has become acceptable to scream and yell, taunt, harass, and openly be anti-Jewish. That I’m very disappointed about.”

Rapaport has visited Israel three times for a total of six weeks and said that he is “optimistic in the unbreakable unique resilience of Jewish people, of Israeli Jewish people. There is a special quiet toughness that I have so much respect for and I’m starting to understand, the more and more that I spend time here.”

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