Jerusalem – Edah Hachareidis To Meet Police To Release ‘Mishmeres Hatznius’ Suspects


    Jerusalem – In a meeting with Jerusalem police representatives, Rabbi Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss [Gave’d] head of the Edah Hachareidis will demand: free the Mishmeres arrestees. Word on the Chareidi street: “If the answer is no, we go to war.”

    Both sides in the ongoing whirlwind following the arrest of two Mishmeres Hatznius activists have reached the breaking point tonight. After a meeting between the Jerusalem Beis Din’s Rabbi Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss and Jerusalem police, the Chareidi community will make its decision: Do we expand the protests or stop them?

    The meeting will take place late tonight or alternatively tomorrow in Rabbi Weiss’ home in Jerusalem. According to police sources, area commander Aharon Franco will be attending. According to Edah Hachareidis sources, Rabbi Weiss didn’t want Franco to attend; he will be replaced by high-ranking officer Bruno Stein.

    Earlier today the matter erupted in Jerusalem on two occasions. In the afternoon, rioters overturned a police vehicle on Yoel St., and a violent protest broke out at the intersection of Mea Shearim and Shivtei Yisrael Streets. Protesters used garbage cans and threw stones to overpower the police, who responded in force to disperse the protesters. Two protesters were detained for investigation at the Russian Compound prison.

    In contrast, the afternoon outbreak was unplanned and resulted from an opportunity seized upon by “zelalots.” A policewoman on a call at a Yoel St. apartment left her vehicle parked in the street, only to return to find it on its roof.

    A massive police presence sprang to the scene trying to capture those responsible for the act, though unsuccessfully. Several officers turned the car back over onto its four wheels. A huge crowd gathered at the scene, with Mea Shearim St. closed to traffic for a full hour.

    As mentioned, the Edah Hachareidit leader will demand the release of the three arrestees. “If the demand is not accepted, at least partially,” said Edah Hachareidit sources tonight, “the Beis Din itself will call upon its public to take to the streets and demonstrate until the police succumb and free the innocent arrestees.”

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