Jerusalem – Youngsters Hanging Posters Condemning Gay Shooting Chased from Mea She’arim


    Mea She’arim, Israel – A group of youngsters putting up posters in Jerusalem condemning the deadly shooting spree in a Tel Aviv gay community center last week were attacked overnight by haredim in Mea She’arim.

    After a short chase down some alleyways of the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood, the group and an Army Radio reporter who was with them managed to get away.

    The head of the group that was putting up posters all around the capital said they had aimed to raise awareness for the attack in every section of Israeli society.

    “The moment it comes to murder, this ceases to be just a haredi society, but part of an entire society that needs to understand that lines have been crossed,” he told Army Radio. “Murder is something that needs to be shouted about.”

    The youngsters said they hadn’t anticipated such a response in Mea She’arim.

    “We never claimed that the murder was carried out by haredim, we just wanted to promote peace and say that the idea that murder crosses the line is something we all have in common,” another member of the group said. “The haredim apparently thought we were blaming them.”

    “If we had known it would end like this, we wouldn’t have put up even one poster,” he added.

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