Brooklyn, NY – Few Politicians Will Challenge Hynes On Kol Tzedek Secrecy


    Brooklyn, NY – With increased scrutiny on the handling of sex-abuse cases involving members of Brooklyn’s Orthodox community, some elected officials are beginning to take a stand on practices tied to District Attorney Charles J. Hynes.

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    But few elected officials this week wanted to take a position one way or the other regarding another controversial practice of Hynes’ office: that of withholding from the public a list of names of Orthodox people accused or convicted of sexual abuse crimes. The list was compiled through a hotline called Kol Tzedek.

    One such critic is Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who represents Borough Park and Flatbush.

    “If it’s my next-door neighbor, my grandchildren come over on a regular basis, I would want to know,” said Hikind, who has openly called on Hynes to publicly release the names.

    “I don’t get it,” he told The Jewish Week on Tuesday. “[Hynes] should explain this much more than he has. He should hold a press conference where everyone should ask more questions. So far it doesn’t make much sense. …. Each perpetrator has multiple victims. Releasing information in one case is going to mean Yankel or Shloimie or Esther was molested?”

    Two other prominent Orthodox politicians this week, however, took a pass on the issue.

    Councilman David Greenfield, who also represents Borough Park and Flatbush, did not respond to questions addressed to him by e-mail and through an intermediary.

    And Simcha Felder, Greenfield’s predecessor who is now deputy city comptroller and a candidate for state Senate, said on Friday he needed more time to look into the matter. On Tuesday, he said, “I’m still researching this issue and decline to comment.”

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo did not respond to a detailed message left with his press office on the topic, nor did the state’s highest law enforcement official, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, as of Tuesday.

    Full story at The Jewish Week

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    11 years ago

    Isn’t there Megan’s law?

    11 years ago

    To get onto the public Megan’s Law sex offender registry, you first need to get convicted of a sex offense, or plead guilty, serve your sentence, and then you have a sex offender status hearing to determine whether you are a Level 1, 2 or 3 sex offender. Only Level 2 and 3 offenders go on the registry. Hynes is refusing to release the names of people who are arrested for sex offenses, not yet convicted, or pled guilty.

    11 years ago

    Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch squarely came out for a Special Prosecutor. No pussyfooting there.

    11 years ago

    What about the presumption of innocence until proof of guilt? I think that disclosure should be only in cases of conviction.

    11 years ago

    What are people blind? It says in the article that they will not release names of those “accused or convicted of sexual abuse crimes.” OR CONVICTED!!! That means the guy is most certainly a sicko predator that will strike again, but they won’t tell you about him.

    These molesters are not people with horns on their head. They are often extremely friendly and good with kids, the kind you would never suspect in a million years.

    This is insane. By protecting their identity you are allowing the next tragedy to happen! C”V

    As well as Dov Hikind points out, these sickos have multiple korbonos and will not now which one reported on him.

    How stupid can we be as a society that allows the worst kind of criminals to get charged, penalized and let them remain anonymous. There is far to much at stake!