Jewish Filmmaker Fantasizes Killing ‘Disloyal’ Jews Like Laura Loomer


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A controversial tweet by LA filmmaker and puppeteer Loren Feldman discusses how he “loves” the idea of killing Jews whom he views as disloyal. Feldman cited as an example free speech advocate Laura Loomer, who is running for a congressional seat in Florida.

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Loomer’s activism and willingness to take on radical Islam has earned her numerous condemnations and hate expressions from the putative “tolerant left,” as well as a lifetime ban from Twitter and Facebook. Despite this ban, Facebook has told users that it’s OK to call for the murder of Loomer and other Trump advocates, while at the same time banning others for even the slightest criticism of Islam or LGBT’s.

In response to Facebook’s condoning incitement, Congressman Paul Gosar issued a statement last week saying that Twitter and Facebook should be investigated for inciting violence against conservatives. Gosar said he would be sending a letter to Attorney General Barr to address Facebooks’s incitement of violent threats.

Earlier this year Loomer filed a 3 billion dollar lawsuit against Facebook for calling her dangerous. The lawsuit says that Facebook’s community standards describe dangerous individuals and organizations as “those involved in terrorist activity, organized hate, mass or serial murder, human trafficking, [or] organized violence or criminal activity.” Loomer, the suit argues, “does not fall, or come close to falling,” into any of those categories and “has never once advocated violence against any person or group of persons.” Instead, she is “simply a conservative, Jewish woman who has used social media to call out anti-Semitism and violence against homosexuals, while expressing her political views and opinions.

Feldman has refused multiple requests for comment about the tweet, which clearly violates Twitter’s code of conduct.

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Democrats support Jew haters and are anti religious freedom
Democrats support Jew haters and are anti religious freedom
4 years ago

Typical JINO democrat leftist.

Facts Rule
Facts Rule
4 years ago

How on Earth is loving the idea of murdering an innocent person in any way controversial. Such a characterization is the height of evil relativism rampant on university campuses for several decades.
The murderous Left-wingnut filth should be charged with harassment & fueling the murderous Left, which has no shortage of extremely violent cowards.