BREAKING UPDATE: Jeff Hafif Gives Get After 17 Years, More Rallies Planned For Other Get Refusers


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Jeff Hafif, a man who withheld a Get for 17 years while marrying a second woman, finally gave a Get on Sunday morning.

This breaking update follows a report by VINnews last week that Hafif was arrested after a recording circulated in which a voice sounding like Jeff’s was heard abusing his wife and children.

Hafif’s case was also just one out of many cases that are the center of a new but quickly growing movement on social media, in which Jewish influencers are using their platforms to promote and gain public support for Agunos, taking back control of a broken system that has thus far failed to help these victims properly. Many of these social media campaigns resulted in public rallies outside the homes of these recalcitrant husbands, effectively creating a social pressure unlike any that had been seen before.

The message is clear. The community is no longer willing to tolerate Get withholding, and community members are willing to step up and make their voices heard publicly.

Hafif gave his Get on Sunday morning aftert meeting with some Rabbonim in the local Syrian community, inluding Rabbi Eli Mansour.


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According to reports, Mr. Harry Adjmi was also instrumental in helping the Get come to fruition. This is at least the second Get Mr. Adjmi was involved with over recent weeks. As reported by VINnews, Mr. Adjmi was instrumental in the Get of the #FreeElizabeth movement as well.

Eliabeth and Evet may have their Get, but much work remains to be done as there are still many women in the community who are still stuck in limbo marriages.

The social media movements remain strong, and there are many rallies being planned at this time where community members will come out and offer support in calling for these husbands to finally free their wives.

Last night, Flatbush was witness to another rally, in which the public called upon David Ohayon to free his wife Esther.

As the movement continues to build momentum, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg of Boca Raton has tweeted in support of rallies being organized for Tuesday March 16th to compel Aaron Silberberg to grant a Get to his Agunah wife.

Silberberg’s Siruv can be read in full below.

Another case worthy of mention is Dovid Wasserman, who has withheld a Get from his wife Nechama for 14 years. #FreeNechama


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Listen to the podcast below to learn more about Nechama’s story.

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