After Intense Backlash, David Greenfield Tweets Screenshots of VIN News


BROOKLYN (VINnews) — Former Councilman David Greenfield responded to backlash over his position on gun control, using screenshots from VIN News. In a tweet Thursday, Mr. Greenfield posted screenshots of commenters from this website, who were critical of his position to tighten gun control restrictions.

His tweet said: “Some of my former constituents are angry at me for calling for ‘sensible gun control.’ Here’s a sampling of comments from a popular news blog. I am literally speaking out so that we can save lives. If that’s not a good reason to annoy people, I don’t know what is.”

Although he did not refer to VIN News by name, the comments he quoted from a “popular news blog” appeared below our recent article about Mr. Greenfield’s tweets, following the horrific Uvalde school shooting.

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