Attention Mayor Adams: NYC is the ‘Wild West’ Because of YOU, Not the Supreme Court

FILE - New York City Mayor Eric Adams speaks during a news conference in the Brooklyn borough of New York, Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022. The new mayor is seeking approval from city ethics officers to hire his brother as the head of his security detail. Adams has brought on his brother Bernard Adams, a former New York police officer who was most recently as the assistant director for parking at Virginia Commonwealth University, to serve as the executive director of mayoral security. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

NEW YORK (Yaakov M / VINnews) — Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul blasted the Supreme Court’s decision to allow New Yorkers to carry a concealed weapon.

Adams said: “We cannot allow New York to become the Wild West.”

I have some bad news for the Mayor. New York ALREADY is the Wild West, except for one thing – in the Wild West, good guys were allowed to carry guns too.

Gun violence in New York is raging out of control. And that was BEFORE the Supreme Court ruling. That’s because criminals, gang members, mass shooters, and drug dealers don’t ask for a concealed carry permit. Nor do they obtain a gun license. They don’t care about the law.


Think about this. The Buffalo mass shooter did not have a concealed carry permit. Neither did the subway shooter, nor the man who committed a mass shooting in Harlem this past week.

Clearly that law does not prevent mass shootings, or many shootings at all, other than an occasional domestic dispute or road rage incident. Because criminals don’t obtain permits. They just shoot.

This is not a theoretical question, where we can debate the efficacy of a future gun law that is being debated.

This law already exists, and it clearly does not work.

Most shootings in New York are committed by career criminals including gang members, thugs, and druggies. Do you think they carry guns legally? Does the drug dealer say to himself, “I better not bring my gun out today. I don’t have a concealed carry permit.”

Not to mention, New York laws already make it impossible for criminals to obtain guns legally. Which means that the laws already in place are not working.

So the feigned outrage by the left, claiming the Supreme Court decision will contribute to more crime, is extremely disingenuous.

The Supreme Court is not the problem. The problem is the woke policies of Adams, Governor Hochul, and DA Alvin Bragg. Criminals have been taught that they can shoot people and get away with it.


Under Adams, New York City has seen a historic surge in violent crime, up 25.8% compared to last year.

It is ludicrous for the mayor of a city with skyrocketing gun violence to lecture the Supreme Court on how to prevent crime. The same with Hochul, whose no-cash-bail policy has been a disaster.

The fact is, the law only says that someone who can LEGALLY own a gun is allowed to carry it. New York can still make it extremely tough for people to purchase a gun in the first place.

As quoted in Reuters–“Conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh in a concurring opinion said states can still impose requirements on people seeking licenses to carry firearms including fingerprinting, background checks, mental health checks and firearms training classes.”

“In another concurring opinion, conservative Justice Samuel Alito wrote that the court has said “nothing about who may lawfully possess a firearm or the requirements that must be met to buy a gun. Nor does it decide anything about the kinds of weapons that people may possess.”

Alito disputed that gun regulations like the one in New York would deter mass shootings, mentioning the recent Buffalo massacre.

“The New York law at issue in this case obviously did not stop that perpetrator,” Alito wrote.

In addition, it should be mentioned that this historic ruling (and several others) are a direct result of President Trump, who placed three staunch conservatives on the bench, despite massive opposition by the left.

As usual, the left is using a decision which upholds the constitution, and is not controversial, as a pretext to use phony rhetoric to anger its base and stir up conflict. And the media eagerly soaks it up.

It’s a big distraction, a smokescreen, and sadly, the real culprits behind the massive surge in crime are the very Democrats who pretend that they are the good guys.

Yaakov M is a senior columnist for VIN News and former Op-Ed columnist for Newsmax. He has hosted a conservative podcast for 15 years. He studied in Kollel for 14 years, was a Bais Medrash Rebbi for over a decade, and obtained semicha from a top Rosh Yeshiva.

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