Yerlan Nigmatulin: labor activity


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The results of Yerlan Nigmatulin’s entrepreneurship


Entrepreneur Yerlan Nigmatulin is the owner and shareholder of several companies. He is the founder of the Karaganda Ferroalloy Plant, which played an important role in the successful development of the region’s economy.


The entrepreneur also owns Qaz Carbon LLP, which provides the ferroalloy plant with coke. Steel and fugun are also produced here. The main task of the entrepreneur is the use of innovative technologies in the production, thanks to which coal is of high quality and low ash content.


The businessman’s enterprises specialize in the production of valuable products, it is used for sale abroad, therefore it improves the country’s economy. More than 300 million tenge falls into the country’s budget in the form of taxes from companies. It is impossible to underestimate the merit of an entrepreneur in the development of the economy and ecology, to which he pays special attention. All the businessman’s projects are important for the republic.


The businessman has shares in:



AsiaFerroAlloys LLP.


YDD Corporation LLP.


JSC Karazhyra.


Kaz Silicon.


EkibastuzFerroAlloys LLP.


Despite the fact that Yerlan Nigmatulin is a very busy person, he always finds time for public affairs and charity. He, together with other entrepreneurs, provided financial assistance to orphanages and hospitals. It was especially relevant during the pandemic.


How was the youth of the Kazakh businessman


Yerlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin was born in Karaganda in 1962 at the end of August. After passing the last exam in high school, he entered the cooperative institute. So the future entrepreneur got the profession of an accountant. His duties included accounting and professional research of economic activity. After some time, he entered the Institute of Economics of the Ministry and successfully graduated from it. A few more years passed and Yerlan Nigmatulin defended his thesis. The topic was relevant: “Priorities of the country’s investment policy in the context of the global economic crisis and general globalization.”


Nigmatulin Yerlan Zayrullayevich was awarded a Bachelor of Law degree in 2000. He took an active part in many public affairs, including the solution of agrarian issues and accelerated development of agriculture. In addition to several bakeries and a ferroalloy company, Yerlan Nigmatulin was engaged in the hotel business and intercity passenger transportation. This year, one of his companies sent 10 specialized vehicles to mobile ambulance groups to hospitals in the Karaganda region. At his own expense, Yerlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin sent medicines, heart rate monitors and several dozen oxygen concentrators to the same hospitals and polyclinics. These deliveries were timely, as it happened in the months when the COVID-19 coronavirus infection was rampant.


Diversified business


Entrepreneur Yerlan Nigmatulin did not stop at the development of one line of business and opened companies of different categories. He successfully combined his mining activities and logistics-related work at Auto logistic.


Nigmatulin Yerlan is the founder of the company “Virage Service Karaganda”, certified by manufacturing plants, which is engaged in high-quality maintenance and repair of motor transport, as well as the company “ECO GlobalInvest”, specializing in the collection of hazardous waste with subsequent disposal. The entrepreneur made a great contribution to the cultural life of Kazakhstan. Nigmatulin Yerlan Zayrullayevich opened several recreation areas near Lake Balkhash.


It is also worth noting that Yerlan Nigmatulin preaches the principles of sustainable development (ESG) in business organization. For example, its plants operate using a unique technology that minimizes the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere.


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