A BUSINESS DECISION THAT MAKES SENSE — AND SUPPORTS ISRAEL Demand for Tzfat Estates at a surprising high!


“The high level of interest is heartwarming! People are looking to buy a property in Israel. Specifically now.” Tzfat Estates are amazed. 

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Amid war, with the doomsayers predicting a collapse of the real estate sector, the phones don’t stop ringing. Demand is outstripping the supply with only a few apartments left for sale. 

Tzfat Estates is ISA Group’s latest in the premium Estates Series. On the side of the Old City of Tzfat, overlooking the breathtaking view of Meron’s mountains, luxury homes are being built to the famed, unparalleled standards of Schneller’s Jerusalem Estates. The added magnetic charm and esoteric quality of Tzfat make this a home where you connect to our nation’s history, feel uplifted and your soul sings.

This authentic bond between Jews and Israel spans generations. Now more than ever, this spark is vibrantly alive and the powerful connection felt by Jews the world over is now stronger than ever. This yearning to own a piece of our Holy Land and phenomenal demand for luxury homes had Tzfat Estates nearly sold out right from its launch.

It’s no wonder! Planned and designed by industry leaders Feigin Architects, the buildings meld contemporary design and mystic art for a unique Tzfat aura, all with your supreme comfort in mind. It starts with the building’s glamorous lobbies, a fully outfitted gym, swimming pool, spa and residents’ club and includes top-of-the-line details sure to impress you and with every last finishing bit. It’s all meticulously fashioned to provide you with an Estates experience.

Tzfat is the latest hot market in Israeli real estate but these last remaining apartments — and one very last, stunning garden apartment — are way more than a good deal!

Throw in the challenging times we as a nation are facing and the overwhelming feeling of solidarity with Israel. It’s spurring people to pursue their dream of owning a home in Israel.

It’s the deal of a lifetime — in every sense.

It’s your way to own a home in this historic project in the Old City of Tzfat. Your way to have a home in Israel. Your way to say I stand with Israel.

Choose from the few apartments left or the very last garden apartment. Set up a call with our reps today! 

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