14 Israeli Hostages, 3 Foreigners Released By Hamas, Mostly From Kfar Aza


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — After the first batch of hostages released by Hamas were associated with Nir Oz and the second group were members or relatives of Kibbutz Beeri, the third group which has been released to the hands of the Red Cross is making its way to Israel. According to reports from negotiators, the current group includes 14 Israelis (1 with Russian citizenship) and 3 other foreigners, with most of the hostages released from Kfar Aza, a community which was badly hit on October 7th.

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One of those released is 4-year-old Avigail Keinan, whose parents Roi and Smadar Idan were murdered in their Kfar Azza home during the massacre. Avigail was left in the house and taken to another house where she was eventually taken into captivity. She will now return to her two older siblings who survived the massacre.

Another family which will be reunited is the Brodetz family, including a wife and three children in captivity who will return to their father and husband.

One of the hostages, an elderly woman, was found in serious condition and taken to Soroka hospital for emergency treatment.


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2 months ago

According to all international and US law, the health and safety of every kidnap victim is 100% the responsibility of the kidnappers. If
G-d forbid a hostage is harmed in a rescue attempt, the responsibility is still with the rasha kidnappers.