‘BBC’: Not impartial to rally vs. Jew-hatred, Palestinian flag on Macy’s parade float


(JNS) — “We want to make it very clear that the tribe takes no stance on the conflicts overseas,” stated the Mashpee Wampanoag, after a member displayed a Palestinian flag on the American Indian tribe’s float. “It’s unfortunate that we are not focused on the beautiful display of our culture and history at the Macy’s Day Parade but rather on the actions of an individual tribal citizen.”

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The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) had thanked the tribe “for showing solidarity with the Palestinian people,” and Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.), a member of the “Squad,” wrote: “This is what solidarity looks like.”

Anti-Israel protesters disrupted the parade, with some gluing themselves to the ground along the parade route.

The BBC has reportedly told news staff that attending a march against antisemitism would be seen as “controversial” and a violation of the company’s policy on impartiality. “Many people here have been to the pro-Palestine marches and are happy to talk about it at work. People here seem to think Zionists are evil. One colleague said I was OK because I wasn’t ‘a proper Zionist,’” one source told the Daily Mail Online. “They don’t have a clue.”

Three British police forces are investigating antisemitic hate speech at local mosques after “footage of preachers calling for Jews to be slaughtered and Israel to be destroyed has been handed to detectives at West Midlands Police, Scotland Yard and Northamptonshire Police,” the Daily Mail reported. “Oh God, limit their number. Kill them indiscriminately and do not leave any of them alive,” one reportedly said. “Oh God, our Lord. Disperse them. Weaken their strength, shake the ground beneath their feet and freeze the blood in their veins. Make them captive to the Muslims.”

From Oct. 7 to Nov. 20, Toronto experienced a 192% increase in reported antisemitic incidents compared to that span last year (38 anti-Jewish hate crimes compared to 13), per Myron Demkiw, the city’s police chief. “The numbers are deeply unsettling but not surprising,” said Michael Levitt, president and CEO of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, which has been fielding reports of daily antisemitism from Toronto Jews. (In the same spans, there were 17 anti-Muslim incidents reported in 2023, compared to one in 2022—a 1,600% increase.)

At least 85 Jewish graves were desecrated in Belgium. “The chosen location and the theft of numerous Stars of David leave little doubt about the antisemitic nature of the intentions,” wrote Paul Magnette, mayor of the nearby city of Charleroi, in French. “I strongly condemn these despicable actions. … Antisemitism is an evil that we must continue to fight with all our strength.”

Protesters reportedly lit smoke bombs, spilled red paint and chanted that Michael Tuchin was a baby killer outside a home belonging to the AIPAC leader in Los Angeles. StopAntisemitism shared video footage on social media and wrote: “What’s next? The burning of Synagogues and schools like in 1939 Germany?”

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2 months ago

If the so called native tribe isn’t anti Israel then why did they display a flag of terrorists

2 months ago

Too many tidbits of news here, It is not an article, just a list of headlines with very limited information on each. But it is showing that the world is still aligned against the Jews (and Israel) and that even after the war in Israel, they have shown their true colors, that they will continue to be against us.